How To Post-a-Request

Whether you’re a resident, tourist or visitor to Jamaica, connect with the best service-providers to meet your specific needs.

Post-a-Request for 30-days and reach a wide audience of professionals ready to assist you.

Gain access to a variety of features and service-providers to ensure you’ll find exactly what you need and when you need it.

You can Post-a-Request for FREE ….. or for $5,000 (JMD) and receive additional features.

Write a clear and concise description to explain precisely what you are looking for.

Detailed descriptions makes it easier for service-providers to understand and offer you the best suitable solutions.

Why Post a Request?

Add a Title:
A clear and specific title makes it easy for service-providers to understand your needs, ensuring your request stands out and attracts the right professionals.


Add Description:
Provide a detailed description of the service you need.

The more specific you are, the better the responses you’ll receive; ensure service-providers can understand your requirements, so they can tailor their response to your needs.


Select a Suitable Category:
Choose the most relevant category or categories for your request.

This helps in targeting the right audience and ensures your request is seen by the relevant service providers.


Add Date Required:
Specify the date by which you need the service.

Clear timelines help service-providers assess their availability and plan accordingly.


Add Phone Number
Provide an easy way for service providers to contact you, making it easy to discuss your needs.

(or use Live Chat for greater security and convenience)


Add Email Address: (Paid Listings Only)
Adding your email address makes it easier for service-providers to get in touch with you directly, facilitating effective communication.


Add Location:
Indicating a location ensure responses come from those who can actually deliver the service in the specified area.


Add Your Budget:
Set a clear budget to manage expectations and attract providers who are willing and able to work within your financial parameters.


Add Images:
Images can significantly enhance your request and help service-providers to better understand your requirements.

Add an image of a product, the location, the building site  or any other relevant visual.


Add a Video: (Paid Listings Only)
A video can offer a more detailed explanation and personal touch to your request.

By showcasing your request through a video it makes it easier for service-providers to better understand your needs.


Add FAQ section: (Paid Listings Only)
Answer frequency-asked-questions pro-actively by adding a FAQ.

FAQ section can save time and provide greater clarity.

FAQs can ensure smoother communication, making it easier for service-providers to provide a quote or proposal.


Live Chat: (Paid Listings Only)
Engage in real-time conversations with service-providers via Live Chat.

Instant communication makes it easier to ask questions and finalizing arrangements.

Update the Listing at Anytime:
Update your listing anytime!
If your needs change or new details become available.
Always ensure your request remains accurate and up-to-date.


Share the Listing on Social Media Platforms:
Share your request on social media and extend your reach and maximizes visibility.
Increase your chances of connecting with the perfect service-provider.


Top Placement in Search Results: (Paid Listings Only)
Paid Request Listings rank the highest in request search results.
They make it easier for service-providers to find your request first.

Connecting Jamaica provides a seamless way to connect with businesses and service-providers.

Make your experience in Jamaica truly exceptional.

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