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Connecting Jamaica is for discovering the best Jamaica has got to offer, making it the perfect place to promote your upcoming events.

For $5,000 (JMD) for a 30-day listing, your event will be in front of residents, tourists and visitors all across the island.

With an Event Listing, you’ll have access to a suite of powerful features designed to attract attendees and generate a buzz.

Connecting Jamaica is easy to use, ensuring your event is visible to potential attendees searching for events like yours.

Update your Event Listing at anytime to keep all information accurate and current.

List your event today and start reaching a wider audience with Connecting Jamaica!

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Event Lisitngs Features

 Name of the Event


Date of the Event

Event Location and Map

Start and End Times

Ticket Prices

Up to 5 images


FAQ section

Receive Reviews

Update and Refresh Listing Anytime

Post the Listing on Social Media Platforms

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Add an Event Listing



Adding an Event Listing is a simple and straightforward process, typically it take less than 5 minutes.

Click -“Add Listing”

Then select “Events”

1. Add Name of the Event
Your event’s name is the first impression.

With the event name prominently displayed it will makes it easier for potential customers to find your event while browsing our directory.


2. Add Description
Write a detailed and enticing description to highlight your event.

A captivating description will boost interest and encourage attendance to your event.


3. Add Date of the Event
To ensure that everyone knows exactly when your event is, add the date so attendees can mark it in their calendars.


4. Add Location
List your event’s location with precision, making it easy for attendees to find your event.

Our map feature can increase the likelihood of people deciding to attend, as attendees can easily find your event.


5. Add Start and End Times of the Event
Make sure attendees know exactly when your event is taking place, so they can plan their schedules and ensure they won’t miss a moment of your event.


6. Add Ticket Prices
Adding the ticket price encourages more people to make the decision to purchase tickets and attend your event.


7. Add Images
Visual appeal is key and a picture speaks a thousand words.

Add up-to 5 high quality images to visually capture the excitement and atmosphere of your event.


8. Add Video
A video gives customers a dynamic preview of what to expect.

Capture their attention and increase anticipation and excitement.


9. Add Frequently-Asked-Questions
Answer frequency-asked-questions pro-actively by adding a FAQ.

Provide all the information potential attendees will need to make it easier to plan ahead.


10. Receive Reviews
Positive reviews can significantly influence attendees’ decisions and encourage participation.


11. Update Anytime
Update your listing anytime!

Keep the content fresh with the latest information.
Always ensure potential attendees are always up-to-date.


12. Share Listing on Social Media
Share your event through social media to potential attendees.

Drive more traffic to your listing, attract a wider audience and boost ticket sales.

With Connecting Jamaica, you get a powerful tool to promote and manage your event, ensuring it reaches the right audience.

Make your event the talk of the town and list your event today!