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The White Witch of Rose Hall is one of Jamaica's most captivating and historically rich attractions, situated in the scenic Rose Hall estate in Montego Bay.

This Georgian-style mansion, built in the 1770s by John Palmer, stands as a testament to the island's colonial past.

The house is famously associated with Annie Palmer, the so-called "White Witch," whose legend has intrigued and spooked visitors for decades.

According to lore, Annie Palmer was a voodoo practitioner who met a mysterious and violent end and her ghost is said to haunt the halls of the grand estate.

This blend of history and legend makes Rose Hall an irresistible draw for those interested in the supernatural as well as the island's history.

Visitors to Rose Hall can partake in both daytime and night-time guided tours.

The daytime tours provide a detailed exploration of the mansion's architecture, artefacts and the rich history of the estate and its inhabitants.

In contrast, the night-time tours focus on the ghostly legends and paranormal activities associated with the White Witch, creating a thrilling and immersive experience.

The mansion also serves as a picturesque venue for weddings and special events, offering stunning views and a unique ambiance.

With its compelling stories, well-preserved architecture and breathtaking surroundings, the White Witch of Rose Hall is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling to Jamaica.

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