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Welcome to Treasure Beach Inn and Bar, a delightful guest house located in the serene and picturesque community of Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

At Treasure Beach Inn and Bar, we offer guests a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with comfortable accommodations that include modern amenities.

Our on-site bar is perfect for enjoying a beer while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Whether you're here to relax on the tranquil beaches, explore the local culture, or engage in exciting outdoor activities, Treasure Beach Inn and Bar provides the perfect base for your Jamaican getaway.

About Treasure Beach:
Treasure Beach is a charming and tranquil community located on the southern coast of Jamaica, known for its unspoiled beauty and laid-back vibe.

Unlike the bustling tourist hubs, Treasure Beach offers a more authentic and peaceful Jamaican experience, with its pristine beaches, friendly locals, and rich cultural heritage.

Historically a fishing village, Treasure Beach has evolved into a beloved destination for tourists seeking relaxation and adventure.

The area is renowned for its stunning coastline, with four main bays—Great Bay, Calabash Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, and Billy’s Bay—each offering unique landscapes and experiences.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, snorkelling, hiking and exploring the vibrant local arts and crafts scene.

With its commitment to sustainable tourism and community development, Treasure Beach remains a cherished destination that celebrates the natural beauty and cultural richness of Jamaica.

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Frenchman, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

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