Police Stations in Clarendon

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The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is the principal law enforcement agency in Jamaica, tasked with maintaining public order, enforcing the law and ensuring the safety and security of residents and visitors.

Historical Context
Established in 1867, the JCF has a long history rooted in the island's past.

The origins of the JCF date back to the mid-19th century when the British colonial administration recognized the need for a formalized police force.

Over time, the JCF developed into a structured organization with distinct divisions, including specialized units to handle various aspects of law enforcement such as narcotics, cybercrime, and organized crime.

The force underwent several reforms post-independence in 1962, adapting to the new social and political landscape of an independent Jamaica.

These reforms included modernizing its operations, enhancing training programs and incorporating community policing strategies to build trust and cooperation with the public.

Current Status
As of recent reports, the Jamaica Constabulary Force consists of approximately 12,000 officers who serve across the island.

These officers are distributed among various divisions and specialized units to address specific types of crime and maintain public order.

The JCF operates under the Ministry of National Security and is led by a Commissioner of Police.

The force's structure includes several branches, such as the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), the Narcotics Division and the Traffic Division, each focusing on distinct areas of law enforcement.

Additionally, the JCF has been investing in modern technology and forensic capabilities to enhance its effectiveness in solving crimes and maintaining public safety.

Police Station Chapelton, Chapelton Main Road, Chapelton, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 987-2244

Police Station Crofts, Crofts Hill Main Road, Crofts, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 966-7333

Police Station Exeter, Exeter Main Road, Exeter, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 987-4186

Police Station Four Paths, 25 Main Street, Four Paths, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 987-0429

Police Station Frankfield, Frankfield Main Road, Frankfield, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 904-4507

Police Station Hayes, Hayes Main Road, Hayes, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 986-5130

Police Station Lionel Town, Bustamante Drive, Lionel Town, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 986-3207
Phone: +1 876 986-3233
Mobile: +1 876 986-3603

Police Station May Pen, 61/2 Gordon Street, May Pen, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 902-4169

Police Station Milk River, Scotts Main Road, Milk River, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 610-6372
Phone: +1 876 404-5170

Police Station Mocho, Mocho Main Road, Mocho, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 786-0826

Police Station Rock River, Rock River Main Road, Rock River, Clarendon
Phone: +1 876 350-8193

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Bustamante Drive, Lionel Town, Jamaica