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The Consulate of Uruguay in Jamaica is an essential institution representing the Republic of Uruguay's interests and serving its citizens in Jamaica.

Situated in Kingston, the consulate operates as a hub for diplomatic and consular activities, playing a vital role in enhancing the bilateral relations between Uruguay and Jamaica.

Key Functions and Services:
1. Diplomatic Engagement:
The consulate is instrumental in maintaining and strengthening diplomatic ties between Uruguay and Jamaica. It engages in diplomatic dialogues, supports bilateral agreements, and fosters cooperation in areas such as trade, education, and cultural exchange.

2. Consular Assistance:
Providing comprehensive consular services to Uruguayan nationals in Jamaica, the consulate assists with passport renewals, legal document authentications, and emergency assistance. Additionally, it offers support to Jamaican citizens and other foreign nationals seeking visas and travel information to Uruguay.

3. Cultural Promotion:
The consulate actively promotes Uruguayan culture through various events and programs. By organizing cultural exhibitions, film screenings, and educational workshops, it aims to enhance mutual understanding and cultural ties between the two nations.

4. Trade and Investment Facilitation:
A significant part of the consulate's mission is to promote trade and investment opportunities between Uruguay and Jamaica. It provides resources and support to businesses looking to explore commercial prospects, facilitating partnerships and economic growth.

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63 a Hagley Park Road, Elspeth Ave, Kingston, Jamaica

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