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The Consulate of Barbados in Jamaica serves as an essential diplomatic mission, fostering and maintaining the strong bilateral relationship between Barbados and Jamaica.

Located in Kingston, the consulate is committed to promoting and enhancing diplomatic, economic, cultural, and social ties between the two Caribbean nations.

The consulate provides a range of vital services to Barbadian nationals residing in or visiting Jamaica, as well as facilitating cooperation and partnership across various sectors.

Key Functions and Services

1. Consular Services:
The Consulate of Barbados in Jamaica offers a comprehensive array of consular services to Barbadian citizens. These include passport renewals, visa applications, notarial services, and emergency assistance. The consulate is dedicated to supporting Barbadians with legal issues, providing guidance during emergencies, and ensuring their overall welfare while in Jamaica. Additionally, the consulate assists Jamaican citizens and other foreign nationals with visa applications and travel information for Barbados, making the process seamless for those wishing to visit or conduct business in Barbados.

2. Cultural and Educational Exchange:
Promoting cultural and educational exchanges is a significant focus of the Consulate of Barbados. The consulate organizes and supports various cultural events such as art exhibitions, music performances, and literary events to showcase Barbadian culture and strengthen cultural ties between Barbados and Jamaica. It also facilitates educational exchanges by offering scholarships and encouraging academic partnerships between Barbadian and Jamaican institutions. These initiatives aim to enhance mutual cultural understanding, provide learning opportunities, and strengthen academic collaboration between the two nations.

3. Economic and Trade Promotion:
The consulate plays a crucial role in promoting trade and investment between Barbados and Jamaica. It provides resources and support to businesses from both countries, encouraging economic partnerships and growth. By collaborating with local business communities and trade organizations, the consulate helps create opportunities for bilateral trade and investment, contributing to the economic development of both nations. Additionally, it offers information on the business environment in Barbados and potential investment opportunities for Jamaican businesses looking to expand into the Barbadian market.

4. Diplomatic Relations:
Maintaining and strengthening diplomatic relations is a core function of the Consulate of Barbados. The consulate engages in regular dialogues and negotiations with the Jamaican government on various issues, including security, governance, environmental sustainability, and cultural exchange. Through these efforts, the consulate works to advance mutual interests, address global challenges collaboratively, and enhance political cooperation between Barbados and Jamaica.

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55 Norbrook Drive, Kingston, Jamaica

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