Carib Condominiums

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When you stay at Carib Condominiums, you'll love where we take you.

Whether it is for business or leisure, we are the top hosts on the North Coast and we cater to both tourists and locals.

Our property boasts luxury condos by the sea and exquisitely furnished one-and two-bedroom apartment studios.

All apartments and condos are equipped with hot water, air condition, free WiFi and cable television.

Our guests have access to the beautiful Mahogany beach on property, restaurants, beach bar and grills.

If you'd like to do some sightseeing, we can arrange a variety of tours and attractions including a Cool Runnings boat ride that takes you from the property to Dunn's River Beach and Falls and back.

We also host weddings, church functions, fun days and private events.

Have all the fun you want or relax in an atmosphere that is designed for your comfort.

We promise you the stay of a lifetime!

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Saint Ann
99 Main Street, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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Open 24 hours a day and 7 days

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