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Every business owner across Jamaica, from the one person enterprises to mega corporations can list their services.

By listing your business on Connecting Jamaica, you are joining a thriving community committed to highlighting the best of Jamaica.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a seamless and engaging experience for both business owners and customers.

All listings remains permanently on Connecting Jamaica, ensuring your information will always be available to potential customers.

Free Listings:
Perfect for businesses looking to establish a presence on our platform without any cost.

Paid Listings:
For a one-off fee of $10,000 JMD, unlock additional features designed to maximize visibility and help connect with more customers:

List your business and services today and let Connecting Jamaica be a bridge between your business and countless new customers!

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Business Description

Email Address

Images and Video

Business Opening Hours

Live Chat with Customers

Access to update and refresh listings

Post listing page on social media

How to Add a Listing


Adding a listing is a simple and straightforward process, typically it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Once logged in,  click on “Add a Listing” in the header

Then select “Business or Service”

Choose from Free, Paid or Featured

Why Choose Connecting Jamaica

1. Add Business Name:
Prominently displaying your business name helps to establish brand identity and it’s makes it easier for potential customers to find your business while browsing our directory.


2. Add Business Description:
Write a detailed and appealing description to highlight your business and its services and engage potential customers.

What makes your business unique?
What sets you apart from the competition?

This is your space to showcase your services and products.


3. Add Phone Number and Email Address:
Enable potential customers to contact you directly and easily for inquiries, quotes or feedback and ensure you never miss a business opportunity.


4. Add Business Opening Hours:
Keep customers informed about your operating hours and when you are available.

Clear and accurate opening hours help manage customer expectations and increase foot traffic.


5. Add Images:
Visual appeal is key and a picture speaks a thousand words.

Add up-to 5 high-quality stunning images to visually capture the excitement and grab the attention of potential customers.

Add up-to 10 images and provide an even richer visual experience with a Paid listing.


6. Add a Video: (Paid Listings Only):
A video gives potential customers a dynamic preview.

Capture the attention and demonstrate your services in action.

Provide a virtual tour of your business and its services or simply share customer testimonials.

Add a video and give customers a more immersive experience.


7. Add Location
Attract customers who are actively searching our directory for businesses and services in your area.

With your location and our map feature customers can easily find your business, which should boost the foot traffic.


8. Add Your Website: (Paid Listings Only):
Driving traffic directly to your website provides easy access to more detailed information of your services and your online shopping options.


9. Add Your Social Media Accounts: (Paid Listings Only):
Boost your social media presence, increase your reach and build a loyal customer base.

Make it easier for customers to follow your social media accounts, stay up-to-date and find your latest news and promotions.


10. Add FAQ section: (Paid Listings Only):
Answer frequency-asked-questions pro-actively and add a FAQ.

Save potential customers time, provide clarity and boost confidence in your business.


11. Live Chat: (Paid Listings Only):
Instantly respond to customer inquiries and provide support in real-time via Live Chat.

Stay connected with customers and convert inquiries into sales by providing lightning-fast and personalized responses.


12. Receive Reviews: (Paid Listings Only):
Reviews highlights your business’s strengths and encourages new customers to choose your services.

Positive feedback is a compelling endorsement for driving sales.

Authentic customer reviews are invaluable; they establish reputation, credibility and trust.

13. Select a Suitable Category or Categories:
Choose the most relevant category or categories for your listing.

Choosing the right Category or Categories can be crucial for your listing.
Categories help in search results for targeting the right audience.

If you’re listing a bar on the beach with a restaurant;
Choose all three categories – bar, bar beach and restaurant;
This will ensure your listing is seen by all relevant potential customers.

14. Update Anytime:
Update your listing anytime!
Keep the content fresh with the latest information.
Always keep your listing current with your latest offers.


15. Rank Higher in Search Results: (Paid Listings Only):
Paid listings are prioritized, making it easier for customers to find you first.
Increase being discovered by customers actively seeking businesses and services like yours.
Gain a competitive edge over Free Listings with higher search result rankings.


15. Share Listing on Social Media:
Share your listing on social media platforms to potential customers.
Connect and attract new customers across multiple platforms.


16. Listings Remain Permanently:
Unlike some others directories, your listing will remain on Connecting Jamaica forever!
Your listing will always be available to potential customers, whenever they need it.

Dashboard and Analytics

The Dashboard provides comprehensive, data-driven insights to help fine-tune listings and track their performance.
Via the Dashboard, listings can be managed, modified and refreshed at anytime.
Ensuring your description, images and video reflects the most current and accurate information to potential customers.

Connecting Jamaica brings together a rich array of businesses, service providers and events, all in one place.

For residents, tourist and visitors to Jamaica, finding exactly what they need has never been easier.

Connecting Jamaica, the go-to directory for discovering the best that Jamaica has to offer.